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Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Dentistry means leading care from a highly trained and compassionate team of experts.

Dr. Ward and Dr. Platt are dedicated to excellence in pediatric dentistry, and you’ll know as soon as you step into our Fayetteville office that your child’s health, happiness, and well-being are our top priorities.

As a Local Dentist Myself

As a local dentist myself, I cannot highly enough recommend this practice. I send my own son to them, and am always impressed with the caring respect they treat my son and wife.

- Dr. Colin
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Dr. Ward and Dr. Platt are specialty trained pediatric dentists. This means they both completed an additional two years of training after dental school to gain comprehensive knowledge and skills in pediatric dentistry. Your child’s health, comfort, and plan of care are their utmost concerns.

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Meet Our Doctors
5-Star Reviews

Reviews & Testimonials

The best way to learn about our practice is to ask some of our smiling patients.

They're Great With Both of My Girls!

They’re great with both of my girls! One of which has special needs. They’re so gentle and even when she has had to have extractions, crowns and fillings, it's never been traumatic for her. I can't imagine taking her anywhere else.

- Tammy

The Difference For My Daughter
Is Amazing!

Our 6 week old daughter was diagnosed with lip, tongue, and cheek ties by a IBCLC and we were recommended here for a laser release procedure. The difference for my daughter is amazing!

- Mallory

Everyone Here Is So Patient
and Friendly!

Everyone here is so patient and friendly! My daughter wants to know every detail of what’s about to happen and she doesn’t even have to ask here because they explain it all before she can. I highly recommend bringing your kids here!

- Aimee

Best Dentist in Town!

Best dentist in town! The whole crew is awesome. Highly recommend this clinic!

- Barend