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Where Kids’ Smiles Are Born

At Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Dentistry, it’s our joy to serve NWA children and parents with happy, healthy smiles. No matter what your child needs, from preventive care and education to comprehensive restorative treatment, they can find it right here.

Your Child's Smile Deserves the Best

We’re so glad you’ve found your way to Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Dentistry, where your child's oral health is our top priority. Our specialized practice provides exceptional dental care for children of all ages.

A positive dental experience plays a crucial role in shaping your child's attitude towards oral health, and we are here to make every visit enjoyable and comfortable.

One essential benefit of choosing a pediatric dentist is working with a team of experienced and friendly professionals who undergo additional training to specialize in providing dental care for children. Dr. Ward and Dr. Platt aren’t just highly skilled in pediatric dental procedures but are also trained in creating a warm and welcoming environment to connect with kids.

We know how to make your child feel at ease and ensure that each visit is a positive and stress-free experience.

Everything Your Child Needs

We know the dentist can be intimidating for young ones, so we make every visit comfortable and enjoyable. Check out the range of treatments we offer below:


Professional cleanings are an essential part of oral hygiene. Our skilled team will carefully remove plaque and tartar buildup from your child's teeth, ensuring a fresh and healthy smile.

Regular cleanings not only prevent cavities and gum disease but also help maintain fresh breath. We'll make sure your child's teeth leave our office feeling squeaky clean!

Resin Filling

These tooth-colored fillings repair tooth fractures and restore areas of decay. We match the shade closely to your child’s natural tooth color to provide the best esthetics possible.

We decide if fillings are right for your child on a case-by-case basis. By addressing cavities promptly, we prevent further damage and keep your child's smile healthy and happy.


Also known as a baby root canal, we perform this procedure by removing the top of the tooth’s nerve, then treating the remaining portion with material to soothe, disinfect, and protect it.

This is important for your child in the event that decay has spread to the nerve of the tooth. By preserving the natural tooth, we avoid early tooth loss and maintain proper alignment for the developing permanent teeth.


Sometimes, a tooth extraction is the best thing to protect your child's oral health. Dr. Ward and Dr. Platt perform extractions with the utmost care and attention, prioritizing your child's comfort throughout the process.

Whether it's a severely decayed tooth or a crowded baby tooth, we'll make sure the extraction is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Lip-Tie and Tongue-Tie Frenectomies

If your child experiences problems with feeding, speech, or oral development due to lip-tie or tongue-tie, Dr. Ward and Dr. Platt can perform frenectomies to address this. We use the advanced technology of a dental laser to gently release the restrictive tissue in a minimally invasive procedure with quick healing.

The procedure followed by post-operative stretches and exercises leads to improved mobility and function allowing your child to eat, speak, and thrive with ease.

Dental Exams

We evaluate your child’s teeth, gums, and jaw alignment. This is a vital part of determining whether your child requires additional treatment for oral health issues, dental decay, gum disease, and any need for orthodontic treatment.

We’ll use this information to create a treatment plan that works best for your child and leads them to a healthy smile.

Before your child is evaluated, we will review their medical and dental history. A thorough history allows us to know your child better and provides us with insight into how to properly treat them.


When your child’s teeth have chewing surfaces that are highly susceptible to cavities due to developmental grooves, pits, and fissures, we apply a plastic protective covering— a dental sealant — to the tops of your child’s teeth.

This is a highly effective method of preventing tooth decay in these sensitive areas and is frequently recommended for both six-and twelve-year molars.


We use these to restore back teeth suffering from extensive decay or on teeth that require a pulpotomy or nerve treatment.

With our high-quality dental crowns, we can help preserve your child's tooth and ensure they can eat, speak, and smile with confidence.

Space Maintainers

If your child loses a baby tooth prematurely, a space maintainer may be necessary to ensure proper alignment of the incoming permanent tooth. Our doctors use these to hold the space open, preventing neighboring teeth from shifting and causing orthodontic issues.

Sedation Dentistry

It’s totally normal for a child to feel anxious or nervous about dental procedures. That's why we offer safe and effective sedation dentistry options to help them relax. These options include nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”), oral conscious sedation, and dental rehabilitation under general anesthesia in a hospital outpatient setting.

Our team will discuss the best approach for your child based on his or her individual needs, and we’ll make sure you know exactly what’s going on at all times.

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies can happen unexpectedly, and we're here to provide prompt care when you need it the most. Whether it's a knocked-out tooth, a severe toothache, or an injury to the mouth,  your dental emergencies are dealt with efficiently and compassionately.

Contact us immediately, and we'll prioritize your child's situation to provide the necessary care and relief.

Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Dentistry delivers the best dental care for your child. With our friendly team of professionals, state-of-the-art technology, and a kid-friendly atmosphere, we make every dental visit an awesome experience.

Schedule an appointment today and let us help your child enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles!